• Git Undo by Example

    So you switched to git. You thought this is fool-proof version control. You will never lose work again. While this is generally true, there are a lot of things you can do to increase the chance of losing changes. Even though it is unlikely you lost work for good, more than often recovering from a git action is not obvious at all. There is no simple undo command in git. Instead, you have to come up with a series of commands to reverse the effect. For the first part, we will cover some practices on how to not lose work in the first place. In the second part, we will go over some common recovery scenarios.

  • Obligatory Hello World

    And here it is. The blog of yet another, blogging developer. The reasons to start this blog are probably the same as for everyone else. Yet, some reasons strike me as more important; A blog can easily turn into a waste of time. I’d like to think, though, I only put time in it that I would not be day-job-productive anyway. The blog as a channel for my inevitable procrastination if you will.

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