And here it is. The blog of yet another, blogging developer. The reasons to start this blog are probably the same as for everyone else. Yet, some reasons strike me as more important; A blog can easily turn into a waste of time. I’d like to think, though, I only put time in it that I would not be day-job-productive anyway. The blog as a channel for my inevitable procrastination if you will.

Furthermore, I write a lot of stuff into Evernote. These notes will probably never see the day of light again. With a blog, those notes can turn into posts. Maybe that can be of benefit to others and the critique and discussion can be of use to me.

Nevertheless, I should be writing on something of more immediate value to me (hint: thesis), but the current writer’s block would not allow for that. The next best thing to get over this blockage is to write freely without being constrained to a particular subject. Hence, this blog.

In “byteSizedThoughts” you will read about git, Vim, and software development in general. I am pretty focused on tooling and workflows.